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5.) How do I access the remote desktop via VNC?
Last Updated 5 years ago

The access to the remote desktop has to be established additionally to the regular SSH access. Please make sure that you SSH access is approved and working correctly before establishing the VNC connection. So be sure to follow the instructions on getting the user account and connecting to the login node.

Once you have done that then you can procede with establishing the VNC connection as described below.

LINUX users:

You add
to the ssh command. The specific port that you have to insert will be communicated to you by our administrator team.

You have to install Turbovnc, then run
and connect it to
The username is the same as the HPC username and the password is the one specified in ldap.

WINDOWS users:

  1. Once requested the Arctur admin team will establish a specific tunnel and send you the information that you need to input into your preferred SSH application.
  2. Putty users select "Connection > SSH > Tunnels" and insert the information provided by the Arctur administrator tam in the appropriate fields. Once finished do not forget to click on the "Add" button to save the information. (see also screengrab below).


    MobaXterm users select "Tunneling" in the menu at the top of the screen and then "New SSH tunnel". Then insert the provided information into the appropriate fields. (See screengrab below) once you've inserted the data click on "Save" and then the "Play" button to start the tunnel.


  3. Establish the SSH connection to the login node.
  4. Now launch the VNC application. We suggest tVNC. You can download it here.
    In the VNC server field insert: "Localhost:: ". Replace with the port number that you set when you were establishing the tunnel.

  5. Click on "Connect" and insert the username and password that you were provided by the Arctur team. Then click on "OK" and the VNC windows should now open automatically.


    If you encounter any issues please report them to One of our team members will take over and work with you on resolving the issues. Please give as many details as you can when reporting the issue.

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